The Importance Of Regular Boat Repairs

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While boat repair isn’t a glamorous topic, it ‘s vital if you want to keep your boat running for years to come.

Over 87 million Americans take part in recreational boating every year. That’s a lot of boats that need maintenance and general care.

Regular repairs keep your overall costs down and help keep everyone safe on board.

Read on to find out why you should make boat repairs a priority.


Combat the Effects of the Environment 

Regular cleaning makes your boat a nicer place to spend time. After all, nobody wants to hang out on a moss and algae-covered boat.

Environmental wear and tear can lead to costly repairs if you don’t address them early. Scratches and other signs of damage can even appear when your boat is docked (thanks, Mother Nature!).

Preventing environmental damage is cheaper than fixing it.

Make a checklist of tasks to ensure you’re preventing the deteriorating effects of the environment. You can also enlist the services of an experienced dockside service provider.


Avoid Boat Repairs in Spring by Paying Attention in Winter

Your maintenance checks shouldn’t just take place during the spring and summer. Even when the boat isn’t in use, it still needs care.

See if you can store your boat in a location that offers climate control. If you can’t, use a boat cover.

By doing so, you won’t need to invest in repairs for damage caused by bird droppings or falling leaves. This also means harmful UV rays can’t fade carpets or break down hoses.

You can also use the winter period to complete small tasks that might get overlooked in summer. Annual maintenance can cost around 10 percent of the boat’s original price.


Achieve Higher Prices If You Choose to Sell

Boat repairs are great for safety and keeping maintenance costs down. However, there’s a slightly greedier reason for staying on top of repairs.

Having a clean, well-maintained boat means it’ll be an easy sell. By keeping up with boat repairs, you won’t need to spend time restoring it for potential buyers.

You can also ask for a higher selling price since the new owner can enjoy your boat right away!

Yours will stand out among other boats that need more repairs. Small repairs will pay for themselves through this higher asking price.


Enjoy Better Performance

Keeping on top of engine oil changes helps your engine run smoothly. New oil helps with fuel economy and improves the general performance of your boat.

Even working on cosmetic changes, like fixing torn upholstery or replacing broken trim, makes a difference. The environment of your boat will become a more pleasant place to spend your time.


Better Safety, Higher Resale Value, and Sleek Performance

These things are within your grasp by investing a little time and money into regular repairs on your boat. It’s your pride and joy, so devote energy to keeping it in tip-top condition.

If you need help with your boat repairs or maintenance, contact us and we’ll be pleased to help take care of her.