Boat Maintenance Tips: What Warmer Weather Does to Your Boat

Boat Maintenance Tips: What Warmer Weather Does to Your Boat

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Did you know that you should rinse your boat after every trip in the bay?

Here are a few things to consider as part of your boating checklist, both before and after every trip. Do this every summer, and you will be sure to keep your boat in fine shape.

Keep reading to find out our tips for boat maintenance.

Keep it Clean

In the summer, the exterior of your boat can quickly get dirty. It is just as important to keep the exterior clean as it is the interior. A hull covered with residue and algae can cause you to use more fuel.

Whenever you have an outing in sea water, make sure you wash the exterior with a cleaner that is marine approved. This process will prevent any damage to the clear coat or damage from salt buildup.

Change the Oil

Before you hit the water, check the fluids in your boat. Do not forget this. If the oil is dark or you have reached your recommended service change, take time to change the oil.

Warm your boat engine up a few minutes and then turn it off. Make sure to drain the oil for recycling.

This process may take a long time. Be patient. Then change the oil filter. Place the plug back in and refill it with the right amount of marine oil.

Start your boat up again and make sure you have the right amount of oil pressure.

Check the Propeller

Before your launch, take a quick look at the propeller. This step is necessary if you have a stern or outboard boat.

Remove the propeller to make sure that a fishing line is not caught around the shaft. Fishing lines can cause leaks. Do not try to remove it yourself.

Inspect your propeller for dents, scratches, and nicks. Paint damage is normal, but you may need to get a further look if there are any signs of impact.

The tiniest dent on your boat’s propeller could cause your boat not to perform as well. It will also burn more fuel.

Boat Belts

Make sure that your boat belts work and are not loose. You will need to replace any that are worn out.

To see if they are working, push them down. The alternator belt will have to be replaced the most often. This belt will wear out more than the others.

Gas Tank

Make sure that there is not any moisture in the gas tank. See that the fuel filter is changed and there are not any cracks in the line.

Boating Checklist

We hope you found this article helpful.

Keep tabs on the oil of your boat. Also, make sure that the propeller works fine, and there is not a fishing line trapped in it.

Finally, for safety precautions, we know how important it is to have belts that are in working order.

Boat maintenance is hugely important. Read this article we wrote about marine safety if you want to learn more!

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